Going Social: How to Market Your Blog on Social Media

Social media is a great way to market your blog. You can reach thousands – even millions – of new audience members, interact with them directly and even promote your content on a regular basis. However, getting started with social media is not always easy, especially if you are used to using social media for personal purposes only. There are several simple things you can do to get started and we are going to talk about them in this article.

Get Your Blog Social Media-Ready

There is no point in jumping straight into the world of social media when you have no or little content to share. Be sure to fill your blog with valuable articles and resources that viewers will enjoy and find useful before you start sharing links and promoting the blog. There is no point trying to promote bad content. People are not stupid.

Setting up the social media profiles is another story. This is something you should do very early for one obvious reason: you need to secure the right social media handles that match your brand perfectly. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to do since there are so many users online already. Get the same or similar handle for every social media page you set up to make them easily promotable too. Some people actively avoid domain names because they can’t get the right social handle package so it’s definitely worth keeping in mind.

Be Social

Getting started with social media can be daunting. You have no followers, no one to engage with and you are competing with a lot of other bloggers who are more established than you. Don’t worry, you can get the exposure you are aiming for with some patience and diligence.

Start by connecting with influencers and communities that match the subject of your blog. Facebook pages, Twitter influencers and even Instagram hashtags are great ways to get started. The key here is to choose pages that are relevant.
Next, share and interact. Since the subjects of these pages and influencers are already things you are familiar with, it is easy to contribute to the discussions and be social. When an influencer tweeted something about SEO, for example, you can quote-tweet and add your own view to the conversation.

As you interact with other social media users, particularly influencers and key opinion leaders, you will get more people to notice you. It takes time; keep this in mind. You can’t reach thousands of followers overnight. You need to build a strong social media presence gradually. If you keep at it, however, you will start seeing a steady (and very rewarding) growth.

Cross-Promote Your Social Media Pages

When it comes to promoting your blog on social media, cross-promotion is very effective. You need to place social media icons or links to your social media pages on your blog too, so that readers can interact with you on social media. You should also, occasionally, promote your social media pages on the other pages. For example, cross-posting from Instagram to Twitter or Facebook can help attract new followers to your Instagram feed.

Do you write guest posts for other blogs? Be sure to include your social media profiles there too. Do you have a business card that you use to introduce yourself and share contact information? Add social media URLs to it as well.
Try to be generous when promoting other bloggers on social media too. Some bloggers will promote your blog in return, especially when you have valuable content to share. You can also use social media to build relationships with other bloggers, which in turn can be converted into plenty of cross-promotion opportunities.

Shareable Content

You don’t have to do everything yourself; this is one of the beauties of social media. You can actually let your viewers share content from your blog on social media. You just have to make it easy. By making it easy to share articles and other content, you are reaching new potential audience and expanding your social media reach.

A good tip to implement is to have a tag included in the social share content. Instead of just sharing a link and the title of the article on Twitter when a viewer clicks on the Share to Twitter button, for example, you can add “via @yourusername” at the end of the tweet. Other Twitter users who find the article interesting will most likely follow you for more.

The same approach applies to the content you share on social media. Twitter is much easier to handle now that it allows users to comment using quote-tweet. You don’t have to leave characters to make your tweets more shareable. Images and videos are still very attractive to other users too, so be sure to incorporate them into your social media content whenever you can.

At the end of the day, going social is more like a marathon than a sprint. Don’t expect instant results. Stay on social media even when you are not seeing its impact yet, because once you have widen your reach, all of your efforts will be worth it.