The Benefits of Using Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is quickly becoming the most popular hosting option on the market for all the right reasons. The combined resources and economic of scale of “The Cloud” mean cloud hosting can offer more features, more disk space and more computing power at less prices. I appreciate that may sound good to be true, but that’s the reality and is one of the key reasons why cloud based solutions are gaining such prominence in the hosting and storage sector. If you haven’t switched to a cloud provider yet, here are a few more reasons why making the leap now is a good idea. You’ll thank us for it later.

Self-Healing Infrastructure

One of the biggest enemies of conventional servers is hardware failure. Whether it is a disk drive, the power supply or any other component in the server, a hardware failure could cause some serious problems to the server and the data it hosts. We’re talking corruption.

With cloud hosting, this problem is eliminated completely. Instead of using a single physical server, cloud hosting combines the computing power and resources of several physical servers into one, complete with automatic failover.

When one of the servers fails, the entire system can be kept running by simply replacing that machine. A single point of failure is no longer a problem with technologies such as RAID 10 powering today’s best cloud hosting services.

Dedicated Resources at Affordable Prices

There are shared and reseller cloud hosting services on the market, but you can actually get managed – or unmanaged – cloud VPS hosting at affordable rates these days also. In fact, cloud VPS plans are often more affordable than their conventional counterparts. It’s a great selling point and is just as easy to setup as a shared plan from the web hosts perspective.

The lower prices allow site owners to gain access to dedicated server resources without ever breaking the bank. You too can enjoy this benefit by switching to a good cloud VPS hosting today.

You get a predetermined amount of RAM, disk space and processor cores with your cloud hosting plan. The boost in performance is definitely noticeable, especially if you are running a resource-intensive website with a lot of visitors. Of course you could get the same amount of resources with a truly dedicated, old school solution but you’ll end up paying 10x more for the privilege.

Better Scalability

We tend to scale our servers in steps; we upgrade from one hosting plan to another as our websites grow, increasing the costs of running the websites as we go along. With cloud hosting, scalability can be streamlined in such a way that you no longer need to pay for the server resources you don’t need. In short, they’re highly configurable.

For example, you may need to allocate more RAM to accommodate your new web application, but you don’t need the extra disk space or monthly data transfer. Most of today’s conventional hosting services forces you to simply opt for a higher service plan, which means you are paying for resources you don’t actually need. You don’t want to be paying for more disk space just because your new site uses more RAM for example.

With cloud hosting, that extra RAM you need can be allocated in a matter of minutes. Depending on the service provider you use, server provisioning is made very flexible and add-on resources are offered as individual upgrades for you to choose from. In the long run, you will save a lot of money while still have all of the server resources you need to run a successful website or web application.

No More Limitations

Another problem that cloud hosting solves is server limitation. With a single physical server, there is a limit to how many hard drives you can install; this is not the case with cloud hosting. You can have a cloud backup account capable of backing up your entire computer – or even multiple computers – for as little as £3.95 per month.

This particular benefit goes hand in hand with the immense scalability of cloud solutions. For most site owners, disk space is never an issue. For those running a complex web applications or one that needs to store a lot of data, however, knowing that you will never run out of cloud storage space is a huge plus.

The same goes for other features that are normally offered as part of a hosting service. Cloud hosting can support unlimited domain names, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email addresses and even offer unlimited storage for each email address or user without a problem.

To make it even better, the cost-per-GB offered by cloud hosting services is much lower than that of conventional hosting. This is because hosting companies can run clusters of servers more efficiently, have more storage space to offer customers and can operate the ecosystem at a lower cost.

It’s Easy to Switch!

I was just as reluctant to switch to a cloud hosting service a while back, simply because the migration process seemed like a difficult task to complete. As it turns out, moving to a cloud hosting service is not difficult at all.

Most of the top hosting companies now offer cloud hosting as part of their service line-ups, so you can ask the server administrators to help you move to the cloud infrastructure without a problem.

Other top cloud hosting companies offer free migration services and aids to new customers, so moving to a completely new service provider is just as easy. You don’t even have to deal with downtime to be able to start enjoying the benefits of cloud hosting.